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HBO max bug with pause and resume

I signed up on Friday and this issue is persisting. Pause any show. Hit resume. It resumes at a random point in the show, sometimes all the way to the beginning. I've emailed HBO support a couple times but no reply. Anyone have any insight into this bug or a best way to contact support? This is either driving many other people insane too or it's something specific to my account.

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Re: HBO max bug with pause and resume

HBO has terrible programmers for their apps. They are having problems with their app on other platforms as well, so it's not specific to Roku devices. 


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Re: HBO max bug with pause and resume

This is a recent bug. Roku has no control as it is written by Max. Hopefully, an update will fix it.

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Re: HBO max bug with pause and resume

Thank goodness- I thought I was going crazy.  Haven’t watched Max in A while but came back to watch Fear The Walking Dead and have been screaming at my TV every night.


a few possible workarounds have been mentioned elsewhere:

1. After pausing, using the Back feature(the 15 second rewind) to resume playback instead of hitting play/pause to resume.

2. Use your arrow keys to pull up the timeline, and then resume using the play/pause button.

so annoying that Max keeps introducing these really noticeable problems.  How are they slipping through their QA process into released app versions?

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Re: HBO max bug with pause and resume

Oh my god, yes! This bug is so annoying. Hit pause, hit play and it goes back to the beginning and/or exits.

Half the time I have to close and reopen the Max app for it to even work properly—so it does seem like it’s specific to HBO (and not a Roku issue…for once).

Also, it seems HBO can’t program their continue watching feature properly. I always have to resume from the credits of an episode I’ve already watched in order to go to the next one. 

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