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Trying to find a reason to keep this Camera

Like the subject says, I'm trying to find a reason to keep this thing and not return it back immediatly. The ability to adjust the nightn vision is kind of cool but the lack of customization and overall functionality is ridiculous for a wifi camera.

I haven't purchased a Roku device in years because the lack of features and cross compatibility. Not being able to pair any bluetooth soundbar to my Roku TV was reason enough not to continue to support the brand, but I had to go and give your new Indoor Camera a shot...

I'm not really sure why I expected to be able to connect this to my computer. If I were able to do that then why would I pay a monthly subscription to you to store my data in the almighty cloud?

Waste of money.

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Re: Trying to find a reason to keep this Camera

Roku TVs don't have Bluetooth, but that's because the TV manufacturer doesn't offer it. Roku doesn't build the TVs, so you can't blame Roku for that specific issue. To my understanding (and I certainly may be incorrect) is that the Roku wireless speakers use WiFi Direct to communicate with a Roku TV, not Bluetooth.

You didn't mention exactly which camera you tested, but I believe they all support adding a Micro SD card, so you can play the recorded video on a computer in that way. There are many surveillance cameras that offer the ability to send an HTTP stream for viewing on my computer browser, but there are many more that process through some sort of cloud service. My Ring doorbell cannot be monitored directly from a computer, but it too requires an annual subscription for their cloud services. 

While I haven't seen all the different advertisements made for the new Roku Home cameras, but I don't believe they ever claimed to offer HTTP streaming directly from the camera. If that is a requirement for your use, then I agree it's not the correct device, and you should likely look elsewhere. 


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