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Re: Feature Requests - First Quarter 2018

"Streams" wrote:
Right now I do not have cable television, I stream 95% of my content thru my Roku's which are all connected to the network wirelessly.  There is that 5% of content (mostly news and an odd sitcom re-run) that I watch using the antenna up in my attic, and that requires coax cable to run to each of my 3 TVs.

I really like the fact that Roku can give you wireless content, no more needing coax run around...  Unless you want broadcast television via antenna like me.

So the feature request:   I would like some type of device to connect to an antenna and also connect to the wireless network and stream to an app on the Roku.  This way people can put an antenna on their rook or in the attic and connect this device, and then watch broadcast television on any TV with a Roku.  

I thought there were already apps that support the HDHomeRun player? I know Plex does, but I thought there were even more. 
Just found this on the Silicon Dust web site:
Roku devices do not support audio and video formats used for broadcast TV. The HDHomeRun focuses on a quality streaming experiences. For example, quick channel changes (usually 2 seconds), and high quality video and audio (supporting native broadcast quality and 5.1 surround sound when available).
Third party options:
You can use 3rd party software like HDHRFling running on a PC to convert to a format Roku does support.
PLEX recently added native HDHomeRun tuner support.[/font][/color]
Emby also supports HDHomeRun tuners.
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Re: Feature Requests - First Quarter 2018

atc, thanks for the info.

I see someone else came up with my idea before me lol.

I was even thinking how you can purchase different models with different amounts of tuners lol.
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