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Feature Request: Dual Listening with Private Listening

I am a bit hard of hearing so the ear jacks are awesome! However, there are many times we watch as a family.  To hear the TV well enough, I tend to have it jacked about 80+% max volume.  For my family that is way too loud.  I was hoping that my Roku ear jacks would solve that by letting me use one in my better ear while having the actual TV volume more to their liking.  Problem is that it shuts the sound off the TV when the jacks are in the remote.  Is it possible to have an option in the settings for both to work?  If this is already an option in one of the Roku models, a heads up would be pretty appreciated!


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Re: Feature request for the hard of hearing.

I have the same issue.
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Re: Feature request for the hard of hearing.

This was in the secret menu back in 7.4 or so and was then removed.  So, good luck getting it back.  But one can wish...
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