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Feature Request: Search Results Within Channels for Cable Networks

In short: I want to be able to turn on my TV and voice search for "Food Network" and immediately be taken to live TV for Food Network.

More detail: Just cut the cord and cable from XFinity. The lack of ability to search within Channels for specific TV networks - e.g. using voice search for "MSNBC", "ESPN" - is one of the main drawbacks of using my Streaming Stick+ so far versus the search functionality XFinity cable provided. As many people begin to subscribe to live TV services - I am using Hulu Live TV but this would apply to to Sling, Vue, Youtube TV etc - I think it would be extremely useful to be able to assign a default "TV provider" on your Roku and open a voice search API to that provider so that you could directly query for a TV network that you wanted to watch live. If there is a direct match in the search, search results would be skipped and you would be taken immediately to live TV.

Food for thought!

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