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TV Volume of purple tag Roku goes up and down and out of synch whenever it wants


Have two Samsung TVs and one LG TV.  All purple tag Rokus' volume goes up and down and audio doesn't synch with video.  Help, husband is ready to take the Rokus out and shoot them.  Comcast has been out twice and say its not them and so do the TV companies.  Also, we lose thee guides.  All instances you have to exit and back to the Roku main menu and then go back into wherever you were.

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Re: TV Volume of purple tag Roku goes up and down and out of synch whenever it wants

Not certain what you mean by "purple tag". Every Roku remote has a purple fabric tag on its case.

Also not understanding your question. Are you saying that when you adjust the volume it goes out of sync with the video? What model Roku player are you using? Is there an AV receiver involved, or is the sound only coming from the TV speakers? Are you using the TV remote to change the volume, or buttons on the Roku remote? What channels are you using on the Roku that is having sound sync issues? I have to say the only time I've encountered audio out of sync with the video is on YouTube, and that's virtually always the fault of the video, not the player.


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