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Sound went out after streaming YouTube

I bought a new Streambar because I could not get any sound out.

Turns out after everything I tried that somehow after leaving YouTube music streaming ...without stopping it... that may have disable the sound for the Streambar.

I reconnected my old Roku to check the sound was not a TV problem, and when I stumbled around to get the Streambar back  on my smart TV there was no Roku home screen, instead there was a YouTube sign-up screen. I did not even think  I had selected the right input for the TV to the Streambar and ignored it the first time.  I wonder if that was the problem because after I exited that screen I got the Roku home screen back, and now I am getting sound again!!!

So frustrating for a 75 yo female who is not into high tech and wires, but I am pretty proud I was able to fix the problem and  I can now return the new Streambar without ever taking it out of the box.

Does anyone know what actually happened? I am not keen on watching Youtube ever gain after this incident... I am convinced it was started by streaming Youtube. Is there a sw problem in the Streambar?

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