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Reel Rookie

Only Netflix doesn't work

I have a Roku Ultra (4660, 4661, 4662 series) in my family room that's about a year old. It's connected to my Samsu TV via a 4K HDMI. Everything I watch on the Roku looks great and plays back error free: Apple+, Prime, Hulu, Paramount+. But when I select Netflix, my TV says there is no signal, then after 20 seconds, shows the menu, then after a few seconds, shows no signal again. I've tried to repair (reboot) the channel in Roku, but that doesn't work. When I removed it and added it again, I get the funky barcode to scan and that takes my info from my phone, but then the picture immediately disappears again. I tried all the above after soft rebooting the Roku and unplugging/plugging it, but the problem persists. Netflix works fine on my other Roku Ultras in the house. It's just the one in the family room where this happens. Any ideas?

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Re: Only Netflix doesn't work


After removing a channel, best practice is to restart your Roku to clear its memory cache before reinstalling the channel. Without the restart you may not get a clean reinstall.

Depending on your Roku model and Roku version number you'll find the System restart option under either Settings > System > Power or under Settings > System. If you don't have sufficient control to use the menus, or if it is just more convenient, you can also restart by pulling the power plug for a short while, then plugging it back in.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Only Netflix doesn't work

Thanks! I tried that and the problem persists. Any other ideas?

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