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Unable to login android app

Jesus H Christ - just posting here and all the pop ups for achievements is absolutely egregious. 


The app for Android isn't working. 


Friday 6/21/24 it was completely functional. 


This morning, 6/22/24 it opens and can't load my presets for lighting. 


Uninstall and reinstall - the weekly routine, nothing unusual because Roku won't support its products. 


Now it won't allow me to log in. At all. Has my email saved. Says there's a problem logging in and to try later. Why?


I didn't buy your products to use later. I bought them to use now. 




Your support team is bad and you've even let my credit card and bank information loose. You admit, in private, there was a data breach, but won't apologize for it. 


I'm clearly a glutton for punishment. I'm done. Just done with Roku. It's such garbage now that nothing can save it. 



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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Unable to login android app

Hi @Meesterjojo,

Thank you for posting here in the Roku Community!

We apologize for the inconvenience and this is not what we aim for. We would like to gather more details in order to further investigate this issue that you had with the Roku smart home app since you are unable to log in. Can you please provide the following information below?

  • Could you provide us with a screenshot of the error message that you are seeing?
  • What is the version of the app?
  • May we have also the make and model of your phone?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Roku Community Moderator
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