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how do you sync rokus listed in two different email signins

One of my ROKU's got setup with the wrong email address and now I need to correct this to the correct email address. Did try unplugging the device from tv and wall electricity and restarting the device but did not correct the problem. Please advise.  Paula

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Re: how do you sync rokus listed in two different email signins

Your Roku account is identified by the email address associated with it.  Setting a second Roku up with a different email address creates a second Roku account and links that Roku to it. 

Note that your Roku channel choices are attached to your Roku ACCOUNT, not your individual Roku unit.  When you change the Roku account to which a Roku unit is linked, the unit will now automatically get all the channels from that account,  (The Roku will only install the channels it is capable of running; some older Rokus may not be capable of running some newer channels that require features not present on older units.)

When ready to change accounts, log into the account you wish to abandon at using its email address.  Prepare this account as follows:

  • Click on Manage your subscriptions.  Any subscriptions you have taken out THROUGH ROKU on this account will be shown here.  If you have any subscriptions you will want to reinstate on the other Roku account make note of them, then cancel all of them on this account.

  • This step is probably not necessary, but as a belt-and-suspenders security option you may wish to return to the account's home page and below Payment method, click the Update button then click the Remove payment method link near the bottom of the page.

  • Return to the account's home page and click on Deactivate account to unlink any Rokus from this account and deactivate the account. 

The way to link this Roku to a different account is to perform a Factory reset.   Use menu path Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset.  An alternate method is to press the reset button on the device itself while it is powered up (depending on the device it may be an actual button or it may be a pin hole into which you press a small wire like an unbent paper clip) and hold it for a MINIMUM of 30 seconds. 

When the Factory reset completes the Roku will boot up again and you'll set it up again as though it were a brand new unit.  This time, link it to your desired Roku account via its email address.  Some of the channels requiring a log in may require you to log in on this Roku.

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