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Reel Rookie

Sign in to continue watching movies

I am finding it impossible to reset my password. I get an email message that it has been changed and when I try to sign in it asks for a code. 

I cannot get the code while I am in the provide code screen so I get another device and get into my email on the second one to get the code.


I enter the code on the first phone and it asks if I want to sign out all devices. Whether I choose that or the second option it still does not accept the new password.

I tried reinstall the remote app and it asks for a password which of course it and I cannot agree on so I have to start over as a guest.

P.S. This is the short version of my issues. I have spent hours trying to figure out what it thinks I should use as a password. If I go through www.roku to reset my password, it wants my previous password which of course we can never agree on so I'm blocked there too.

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Roku Guru

Re: Sign in to continue watching movies

I just went to, clicked Sign In, then clicked forgot password, and it asked me for my email address only.  Then it said it sent an email to me.  (I couldn’t check that since I used a made-up email since I didn’t really want to reset my password.)

So, at least until that point, no previous password was requested.

It’s a little hard to follow your post because it starts be saying your password was changed. (already.) 

If you’re trying to do it all on a phone, those can be confusing, but even phones from 10 years ago could multitask.  For example, on Android, with icons on the bottom, you press the task manager (usually just a square in stock Android) and then you can swipe between your messages app and your browser.  Unfortunately, Android allows OEMs to change the appearance of those buttons, and your phone might be set to use gestures instead of the fixed row of icons.  So, I’m sure your phone can do it, even if the variations of android make it hard to describe exactly how.  Apples have similar things but always with gestures, I think.

If it’s all too confusing, try the password reset on a computer and leave the phone for just the 2FA (code) part.

Then again, after typing all that, I wonder:   How are you posting here if you can’t reset your password?  Do you have more than one Roku account?

Oh and you say: If I go through www.roku which makes me wonder where else???? you were going to reset a password.

I hope my confusion hasn’t confused you more!

Banned but back. Because why not?
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