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Streaming device does not show up

Previously purchased and installed  but recently moved and reconnected device but doesn’t work. It is connected to tv but won’t connect to my phone for the remote. I don’t have a remote for it so I can’t even connect manually. On the Roku app it doesn’t appear and if I try to add it Roku Home app doesn’t give me that option. It does appear on the website as one of my devices but no where else. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Streaming device does not show up

It's likely not on the same network, or not really connected to a local network. You can find remotes at places like Walmart and similar. If it's NOT a stick model, you can use a basic universal remote from many brands. If it is a stick, you need to use a real Roku remote. Hopefully you can pair it without having an existing remote, or without having to do a factory reset.

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