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Can the Roku app connect without WiFi?

Basically what the title says. I’m at a college where they have two different WiFi signals for students. One for regular use and the other to connect consoles and things like Roku that don’t allow for username verification. I’ve tried to connect my phone to that WiFi network so that I can use the private listening on the Roku app, but my efforts have been in vain. Is there a different way to connect my phone to my Roku (like Bluetooth or something), or do they have to be on the same WiFi network? I have Roku Express 4K+ if that changes anything.

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Roku Guru

Re: Can the Roku app connect without WiFi?

In order for the Roku Remote Control app to work it must be connected to the same WiFi as your Roku Express

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Re: Can the Roku app connect without WiFi?

Yes.. exactly what the previous reply said, the official Roku app and all 3rd party apps require a wifi connection. 

Both the Roku and the App (your phone) need to be on the same wifi network ( eg.. DORM 2)..

There is one thing that I just thought of.. 

Check with the person who has access to the router itself / configuration / Dorm supervisor... see if they can add both your Roku and phones MAC Address (to the same wifi band/ SSID  / streaming network. Create a whitelist rule  in the advanced connection section that will always allow both to connect to that particular channel.

If so.. connect both devices to that network, then make sure your phone is set to default to that network (this is so it will save the connection info) ...

oh and just thinking about it right now.. since you are going to be listening through the remote, put the remotes Mac Address on the same network.. you can get the Mac from the Settings > Remotes & Devices > Remotes >select the remote then go to About.. and the Mac Address is listed

I say to add the remote to the router network just to cover all your bases since there are several networks

This should work.. if not.. then they probably have some strange configuration..or they have several configurations for all the different types of devices .

I've done this not only in the same environment but also at hotels (Vegas) and even at home and it has always worked. 

I hope this helps and works for you and Happy Streaming! 

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