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Re: Bitten by the Test (Unpublished) channel bug

This is how the DP has always worked, which is why they say "up to 6 hours" from the conception of the program and has been my main complaint. In the old "demo" brightscript channel they used XML files, which were hosted by the cdn and were read everytime the player was opened, it also broke the file up to usable smaller files.

For instance,

We had categories.xml

Which defined the categories,

then each category had it's own xml file that defined subcategory xml files


so instead of 4500+ videos in one huge unusable json file

we would have categories.xml in that we would have something like sitcoms

sitcoms.xml would have a list of sitcoms

ilovelucy.xml would point to season1.xml - season2.xml etc etc..

season1.xml would contain the actual videos...

this way if you screwed up adding a single video just one season wouldnt display insteado f the whole channel, it was instaneous therefore you would troubleshoot in realtime..

It was the reason I bet the future on roku..

But with the greed of indexing and controlling all content they need to control the video index contet and format. So they went the route of ridiculousness to make ours lives impossible and thier easier..

But frnkly I do not believe they care about the small developers, they no longer need us as they did when they were building the product line demographics up. they thier own roku channel which shows most of the ad revenue they need. We are just dinos left over and long forgotten...
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