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Roku Guru

All-in-one Direct Publisher front end recommendations


I've been using WP Smart TV for years. It's fantastic, as it integrates with Wordpress, and allows Wordpress to be used as the CRM and publishing tool (and media repository) for any and all content on my Roku channel. It's also great when you're publishing content to a website AND to a Roku channel.

Has anyone come across any other solutions that also do this - on or off of Wordpress?  Not just generating and publishing a compliant JSON file, but a more all-in-one solution?

FWIW: I'm also familiar with Instant TV Channel and the Roku Rowing apps (


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Roku Guru

Re: All-in-one Direct Publisher front end recommendations

Take a look at our solution its all-in-one feed management system for Roku Direct Publisher, Roku Channel and custom OTT apps.

You host your videos on a CDN (Vimeo or AWS) and with our solution you manage all the metadata for a single or multi-channel feed or feeds, one place to manage content for Roku, FireTV, Web (wordpress with our plugin) and much more.

Go to and request a demo.




OTTfeed: Lease a custom Roku SDK for $99/month go to
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