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Channel not working once published

I have a channel that functions perfectly on my test devices.

I published the channel but it fails to work correctly.

If I load the same file that I published on my test device fine.

I don't know where to start with this, how can I determine whats causing it to fail when published?
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Re: Channel not working once published

A channel that is properly published has to go through testing by Roku.

They would notify you if it isn't working correctly and what steps to take to fix anything.

Are you actually going through the publishing process, or are you side-loading it, testing and seeing errors??
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Re: Channel not working once published

No, its was published and is available in the Channel Store now.

My developer mode side loaded file (same file as provided to Roku) works perfectly.

The one in the store, does not.

That is why I asked the question, its a tad unusual.
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Re: Channel not working once published

do you have multiple rokus? Does it work ok on another different roku?

I ran into a crazy issue a while back when publishing a channel that is similar. I could NOT figure it out for the longest time.

It turns out that i had saved a setting to the registry that became invalid during development, and the setting persisted on the roku box through uninstalling and reinstalling the channel - and a side-loaded copy of the same code on the same roku worked just fine. But the channel worked fine on every other roku box I tested and the code was good. The only way the value could get there was during development, so it wasn't even an issue, but just on that one roku it didn't work.

Now I use different keys during development and testing than for publishing to eliminate this.
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Re: Channel not working once published

BradC makes a good point. It could be that your channel is relying on a registry entry that isn't initialized, but is present in the registry you access when you side-load a channel.

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