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Roku SDK Screens PSD incomplete

I've been designing a simple Roku app using the templates contained inside the "Roku SDK Screens Template.psd" that is provided by Roku but it's missing a few screens- namely the Netflix / HBO style "Grid Screen" and any sort of roVideoScreen player controls. I can make due on faking a Grid Screen but I'd love to have a screenshot of the options available for the roVideoScreen default controls (or variety of controls).

This is my first Roku undertaking so I am unfamiliar with the options available and, also, am not a developer so I can't just dive into the SDK and have the options presented to me.

I have seen this request in a few other threads but no response. Can anyone just provide some screenshots of the controls? It would be rather handy!
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Re: Roku SDK Screens PSD incomplete

I was unable to get a device level "screenshot" of the controls but I was able to get a fairly clean photo of them - and have created a mockup of my own based on that. It's certainly not perfect but if may help anyone else that needs this kind of resource for their comping needs. Or it might be completely useless altogether but, either way, here it is.

Download JPEG, PNG, EPS version
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