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Access to Widevine license request

Is it possible to access the request body of a Widevine license request?

Sample code:

m.videoPlayer = CreateObject("roSGNode", "Video")"videoPlayer"
m.videoPlayer.translation="[0, 0]"

drmParams = {
keySystem: "Widevine"
licenseServerURL: "<license server url>"

contentNode = createObject("roSGNode", "contentNode")
contentNode.streamFormat = "dash"
contentNode.url = "<content url>"
contentNode.drmParams = drmParams = contentNode
m.videoPlayer.visible = true
m.videoPlayer.control = "play"
m.videoPlayer.observeField("state", "OnVideoPlayerStateChange")
m.videoPlayer.observeField("visible", "onVideoVisibleChange")

Our current implementation of Widevine requires access to the request body.
I know that it is possible to add headers etc but can't see anywhere in the docs if it is possible to access/modify the request detail itself.
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