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Level 7


I am working on a video node, which has dynamic ad insertion. I am observing the timedmetadata for its events when ads are being inserted. But while the ads are playing I don't find any metadata information.

video.observeFieldScoped("timedMetaData", "onTimedMetaData")

What should i do to get the ads information in the timedMetaData field ?



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Level 8

Re: timedmetadata


Did You set "timedMetaDataSelectionKey" field of video node?

For obtaining metadata You have to set timed metadata selection keys, as follows: 

SGVideoNode.timedMetaDataSelectionKeys = ["*"]

Setting this array ["*"]  should select all timed metadata.

For more reading visit this documentation site  and search for "timedMetaDataSelectionKeys ", "timedMetaData " fields.

Although, i think that timed metadata which does not contain start time are not populated by SG video node. But this is my assumption for now, i need to take a deeper look at timedMetaData in roku and documentation.


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