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Reel Rookie


I am working on a video node, which has dynamic ad insertion. I am observing the timedmetadata for its events when ads are being inserted. But while the ads are playing I don't find any metadata information.

video.observeFieldScoped("timedMetaData", "onTimedMetaData")

What should i do to get the ads information in the timedMetaData field ?



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Channel Surfer

Re: timedmetadata


Did You set "timedMetaDataSelectionKey" field of video node?

For obtaining metadata You have to set timed metadata selection keys, as follows: 

SGVideoNode.timedMetaDataSelectionKeys = ["*"]

Setting this array ["*"]  should select all timed metadata.

For more reading visit this documentation site  and search for "timedMetaDataSelectionKeys ", "timedMetaData " fields.

Although, i think that timed metadata which does not contain start time are not populated by SG video node. But this is my assumption for now, i need to take a deeper look at timedMetaData in roku and documentation.


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MPD callback event with timedMetadata

Hello Team,
I am thinking to check if its possible to do HTTP GET call on particular presentation time.
Can you help me with this ?? If its possible witrh timedMetadata and Reply with some example
Something you can refer for details

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