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Volume isn't working even though it's a new remote

I have the same problem. I was controlling the volume of my Yamaha receiver and it stopped working. So I bought a new roku remote thinking that was the problem and it does the same thing.

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Re: Volume isn't working even though it's a new remote

Hi @sbk510,

Thank you for reporting this issue here in the Roku Community!

We understand that you're having trouble with your Roku remote's volume button. We're happy to investigate further.

Could you tell us when the issue started? Could you specify what Roku remote this is and what Roku device it pairs with? Lastly, could you provide us with your device's current OS? To do so, kindly go to Settings > System > About.

With more details, we'll be able to provide you with an accurate resolution. We're anticipating your response.

All the best,

Nadee K.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Volume isn't working even though it's a new remote

that's crazy if new remote......I'm on my 2nd issue with remote.  seems my problem is volume up/down doesn't work.  I've even installed new batteries!!  I know I'm outside my 'warranty' but it's ironic, it happens after this warranty time period.   this is my 4th Roku streamstick I've purchased. I think it's a great product over others.  but the 2nd remote control issue and both volume buttons issue on the right side of remote.  contacted customer support to get useless support!!  how can you tell me there is no issue with not the greatest built remote controls.  seems like timed occurrences to continue to buy remotes for $20/incident is a money revenue maker for them. its disappointing that there is no better solution.  my next purchase for streaming stick, I may give Firestick or another brand a go.  seems roku remotes are not made well if same problem is consistent, its too bad too....b/c I'm a huge fan of roku and have always voiced how content I am with roku....not so much anymore if I have to constantly replace remotes.  other two roku streaming sticks not a problem at all.....too coincidental 50% issue!

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Community Moderator

Re: Volume isn't working even though it's a new remote

Thank you for joining us here in the Roku Community, @cart!

I'd be happy to suggest some steps to help you control the volume buttons using your Roku remote. I appreciate you for reporting this to us.

If the volume buttons on your remote have stopped working entirely, try to update your Roku device to the most recent software by navigating to your Home screen. Scroll up or down to select Settings > System > System update > Check Now

Confirm the dialogue box to proceed with the download and installation. Note that your Roku player will automatically download the latest software the next time when it checks for an update. After the Roku player finishes restarting, if TV control has not been restored, set up your remote for TV control again by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Remotes & devices
  3. Select Remotes followed by your remote
  4. Select Set up remote for TV control

Our FAQ provides additional information and complete steps to set up your voice remote to control your TV.

In addition, you may also visit our support article related to the following: Why is my Roku voice remote not controlling power and volume on my TV?

Let me know how it goes!

Best regards,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
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