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Roku remote won’t control Insignia TV

I’ve tried numerous times but I can’t seem to get my Roku remote to control the power and volume of my Insignia TV. Every time I try, the music fails to stop playing and I get the message “Sorry, it seems this Insignia TV will not work with a Roku remote” which I find weird because the TV model is fairly new.

- Roku Model:  Roku Streaming Stick + (3810, 3811 series)

- Serial Number: YH003H883694

- Device ID: 213073883694

- Software OS/Version: 10.0.0 • build 4209-50

- Remote Model: RC490

- TV Brand: Insignia

- TV Model: NS-32D310NA21

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Re: Roku remote won’t control Insignia TV


When I initially set up my Ultra's Voice Remote on my Magnovox, I had to lie to Roku after it failed to program and control the TV.  I answered that the music had stopped playing.  It then brought up another screen that allowed me to proceed and works just fine ever since.

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Re: Roku remote won’t control Insignia TV

You are correct. It worked by lying. 

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Re: Roku remote won’t control Insignia TV

Wow!  Now how can I believe what EITHER one of you say!?  🙂


Re: Roku remote won’t control Insignia TV

My ROKU remote wouldn't work with my Insignia tv in 2022 but it does now. So if you haven't tried it in a while, you might try testing the remote to your tv.

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