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Roku remote changes volume to max on it own, unmutes on its own.

I have searched and anything I found is from back in 2023. Check my stick+ for updates, and it was last updated this past week.

1) This AM it has "randomly" started changing volume to maximum. While trying to diagnose it, also found that if muted, it will un-mute and go full volume. I had taking the batteries out of the remote and it the stick still does this.

2) If "ear buds" are plugged into the remote, then this behavior does not happen.

Again, this just started this AM.

Interesting thing -- we had this unit put up some weird message about video loss if one doesn't... , and I power cycled it and reported it only to get the standard answer about Roku does not charge.... That was not my question, so now my question again, has a LAN attack vector/surface been reported or seen with Roku being the intial target? Would/could this be an indication of such?


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Re: streaming stick+ Changes volume to max on it own, unmutes on its own.

Hello! @5995,

Thanks for the post,

We appreciate you reaching out to us about your Roku remote. We're pleased to assist.

we would be more than happy to investigate further, but we will need further details. Can you please provide us with the following information:

  • Roku device model, serial number, device ID, and software OS/version (these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
  • Does this issue occur on a specific channel? if so, what channel and what version/build is the channel (this can be found by selecting the channel on the Home screen and pressing the * button)
  • Tracker ID when this issue occurs (when you see this issue occur, press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times, and provide us with this ID

Once we have this information, we will be able to pass it along to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further.
We look forward to working with you to help resolve this issue.


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Remote doesn't control, sound ramps and channels skip

We've been loyal customers for years. We probably first bought a Roku product a decade ago. And we've been very happy, recommending the Roku line to all our friends and family. But, a few weeks/months ago we began experiencing a problem on two separate voice remotes for Ultra LT boxes.

We'd quick press the volume control button to increase 1 level and the volume takes off increasing the volume louder and louder until the volume button is pressed again. Same with lowering the volume.  Additionally, when changing channels, a quick press that previously resulted in a single channel change can now result in a jump of 2 to 3 channels.

I've read and tried the System Restart on each of our affected boxes several times. This does NOT work. 

How can I fix these issues?

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Channel Surfer

Re: streaming stick+ Changes volume to max on it own, unmutes on its own.

Mod 3810RW Roku Stream stick+

Ser YH007 N198305

Software Ver 12.5.5 BLD 4174-50

DEV ID 2259D 7198305


Checked access on both the TV and Stick and to ensure they are OFF (no reading of what is on screen for those with vision issues).  Recycled both, and problem has not repeated since (they were both off).

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