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Remote stopped working after only 7 months!

A few days ago, the remote on my Roku Express HD stopped working, after just 7 months. I put new batteries in, didn’t work. I took batteries out and waited for it to reset; didn’t work. So, I started using my phone and the app as remote until I could do further research. The next day, the entire device froze and on the app, it said my device could not connect to the internet.  However, this was not an internet issue, because my other two Roku devices were connected. I unplugged the device several times but nothing worked, so I hit the reset button.  And now I can’t do anything because the app doesn’t recognize the device at all, since I have to redo the setup and connect to Wi-Fi, and I have a busted remote so I can’t complete setup. Now what?

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Re: Remote stopped working after only 7 months!

Now that you have reset your Roku and erased your former networks settings, your only recourse for setting it up again is to procure a physical remote that is compatible with your Roku Express HD and use that to set it up again. 

The Roku "Simple Remote" is similar to the one that came with the Express and is available directly from Roku or many online and local retailers.  Also many inexpensive universal remotes can be used to control a Roku Express - just be sure it says it has codes to control Roku devices.

One other thing -- This won't enable you to set your Roku up again without a remote, but when you do get a remote this is something you can look into if it fails to set up on your network.

It's possible that your trouble in the first place was caused by a recent update to your router settings.  If you receive this update it changes the router's WiFi connection parameters for the 2.4 GHz wifi band from b/g/n to g/n.  The fix is to switch the router configuration protocols from the g/n wifi set by the update back to b/g/n.

Another update going around turns the router's 2.4 GHz band off altogether, leaving only the 5 GHz band that your budget Roku Express can't use.   The fix is to turn the 2.4 GHz band back on in your router settings.

These updates have been reported for routers supplied by Comcast/xfinity, Cox, and AT&T, but there may be others. If you don't have access to your router's configuration controls you may have to have your internet provider do it for you.  

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