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Roku remote behavior question

I have a Roku Streaming stick plus and I think there's something wrong with the controller. If I join a live video on YouTube, I like to rewind it and watch from the beginning, but it will not allow me to push rewind once, hold it down and rewind. I have to press it multiple times and it only goes back by 10 seconds with each press. Is that normal?

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Re: Roku remote behavior question

Roku will pass your remote key presses on to the channel app you are viewing.  What the app does with those keypresses is up to the app.

It's not readily apparent to most that each channel provider adapts their app to run on the Roku operating system, provides it to Roku, and maintains it. The only channels that Roku maintains are their own The Roku Channel, the Roku Media Player, and several Roku information channels. For everything else, Roku just provides the platform on which they run.

In this case, YouTube (owned by Google) creates and maintains the Roku-compatible version of their channel app.  Problems with its operation should be directed to them.

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