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RC127 remote Volume works on Vizio, but RC498 remote does not

There used to be an old thread about this issue, but it was closed because of the new OS11 update.  Well the updates have not fixed my issue and I'm wondering if anyone has gotten it to work or did everyone just give up?  I did and used a universal remote via IR, but I don't need the functionality of the universal remote anymore and wanted to move back to the RC498 remote.

The issue is that my RC498 remote was able to control my Vizio volume, power and mute, before the OS10 update.  Since the OS10 update, it has not worked.  I've tried re-pairing it, removing it and re-adding it.  I've tried multiple other manufacturers code, but nothing has worked.  What is curious is that I have a RC127 remote that came with one of the Roku sticks that I have and that one controls the Vizio volume & power fine.  Both remotes are running Firmware version  All of the other functions of the RC498 work fine.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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Re: RC127 remote Volume works on Vizio, but RC498 remote does not


Thanks for the inquiry.

Perhaps @Tivoburkee can provide some insight here as he's our resident Roku remote Expert in the Community.


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Re: RC127 remote Volume works on Vizio, but RC498 remote does not

If you tried brands Vizio, LG, or Goldstar codes and it still doesn't control your Vizio, then IR on the RC498 might be bad. It controls the Roku by Wifi, so thats not proof its fully working order. 

Point the rc498 remote at a cellphone camera, press the tv power, volume or mute keys, if you see a flash its emitting IR, no flash its broken. 

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