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Reel Rookie

Onn Roku TV Remote Problems

I have an Onn Roku 50" TV. It will be a year old in November. It has worked perfectly since then until recently. It had a software update July 12 and shortly after that, my remotes stopped working. I have a simple Roku remote that came with the TV and a Dish remote. The Dish remote still controls the Dish, but not the Volume or TV power. The Roku remote stops working complety. However, they will both sometimes work and then not work multiple times a day. I can restart the TV and they will work for a bit, then stop again. I've replaced all the batteries and there's no obstructions. I can't figure out the problem, but I think it has something to do with the TV itself.

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Re: Onn Roku TV Remote Problems

Hi @LauriMW86,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We're happy to help you with your problem with your Roku remote. Your Roku simple remote uses invisible infrared (IR) light to transmit button presses over a short distance. For your simple remote to operate reliably, it must be pointed directly at your Roku TV, and there must be nothing blocking the signal from traveling to the front of that device, where the IR receiver is located. To resolve issues with your Roku simple remote, start by looking for visible obstructions. The most common issue with a simple remote is missed button presses, which happen when your Roku TV is in a location where the remote signal is partially or fully blocked. Here are a few tips to ensure a clear path from your remote to your streaming device:

  • Always make sure you can see the front of your Roku TV. When the device is powered on, you should see the status light on the front of the device.
  • Test your remote from various positions. Try holding your remote higher (e.g., above your head) and pointing it downward at the front of your Roku streaming device. You can also move the remote to the left and right.
  • Do not hide your Roku TV. Move it to a position where the signal is less likely to be blocked.

If the issue persists, please try to restart the system by pressing the home button on your remote, then settings, system, power, and system restart. You can also check out this link here for more details on how to fix your Roku simple remote that is not working.

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Eunice L.
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Re: Onn Roku TV Remote Problems

my dish remote 21.1 ir/uhf just stopped working on 12/21/23 after update, i was using code 535, but after days of research & entering codes to no avail i decided to start at 500, i made it to 538 & it worked! try code 538 on your dish remote!

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