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New 4k Streaming stick Remote not working

I purchased my first Roku on 3/22/22 . Connection and set up without a hitch . Fast forward to two days ago. The original batteries that came with the device finally die . The past two days I’ve watched all related videos, tried all methods of repairing. I’ve purchased multiple different brands of batteries, downloaded the iOS app and even went as far as a hard reset.  
For some reason the pairing button isn’t working . There is no green light or anything. The remote is non responsive. I don’t understand how this happened. Everyone I know that has a Roku, has had it for years with no problems.  Can’t figure out how my newer device and remote are having this problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Re: New 4k Streaming stick Remote not working

The Roku Stick 4K remote only communicates with long-ranger wireless receiver built in to the usb power cable, the bump in the middle of the cable. If it isn't there, or its broken, no remote control or internet period. You would need to get in touch with Roku for replacement. At one time they sold similar cable for the older 3810 Stick+, which has different usb end on it then yours. But it's been sold out for months and months. 

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