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Lost Roku Remote so downloaded a remote on my cell phone from my app store

So I have downloaded a Remote Control app on my phone from my playstore and am trying to pair my Roku to the app seems literally impossible!! I don't know how the **bleep** to connect my remote control app from my cell phone to my Roku.... Any suggestions??

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Re: Lost Roku Remote so downloaded a remote on my cell phone from my app store


Couple of questions:

Is your Roku already connected to your network? If the answer is no, you need a physical remote. I can explain all the reasons, and will if you like, but the conclusion is that you need a physical remote to connect to a network. If you are connected, you're good.

Which remote control app? The Roku app for iOS and Android has built in remote functionality. However, you said "a remote control app" that indicates to me that it's not the Roku app, as remote control is simply one of its functions, not its primary function. If you have a third party app, you should reach out to the developer. Of course, if you shared the name of the app here, some other users may have experience with it and be able to offer guidance.

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