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Re: Connecting to wifi without remote

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You guys do realize that not a single Roku device is shipped with a wifi connection, right? Ok. This means a connection CAN be achieved on ALL Roku products that operate with a remote. Umm... is that your entire product list? 

Allowing people to use third party apps/devices to connect to your product would be helpful, don't you think? Because y'all are acting like some sort of ignorant people the way you talk.

Clearly the capability exists to operate your product WIHOUT a wifi network.

Yet nobody will question this god-like capability embedded in your remotes.

So what do you do? You're actually teaching people a malicious tactic known as, "man in the middle." 

Very nice work. Make people spend money on something that you KNOW is going to happen. Lost/broken remotes. 

Can't wait until the media learns about you guys profiting from this while teaching millions the basics of wifi attacks.

I will NOT stop. I will NOT let this situation go away. You will be allowed to make that choice. You might want to hurry. People will read this. 

Don't test me. 

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