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Reel Rookie

Home Button Switch from cable to Roku (Voice Remote Pro)

Since I first purchased my Roku with Voice Remote Pro, pressing the home butting while watching cable TV would switch from cable to the Roku home page. For some reason, starting tonight, this no longer works. I know that it doesn’t work in reverse (switching from Roku to cable), but I can’t figure out why the switch from cable to Roku just stopped working. I have Re-paired the remote to the roku, and other than the one issue, the remote is working perfectly. I also contacted Roku support via chat, but they weren’t able to resolve it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Home Button Switch from cable to Roku (Voice Remote Pro)

If you can refresh the cec devices in your tv settings. If there isn't an option, then unplug the power cords from the tv and Roku for a bit, then plug them back in. It may take awhile for it to recognize each other as cec devices. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Home Button Switch from cable to Roku (Voice Remote Pro)

Thank you. Your suggestion helped me to understand a lot about my older TV, and I believe that if anything would solve the issue, it’s this. My TV happens to be wall-mounted, and plugged into a recessed outlet behind the TV. Since the TV is older, and heavy, I’m going to elect to just use the TV remote to switch inputs. It’s a minor inconvenience (first-world problem), but since I don’t trust myself to get the TV off the wall to unplug it, I’ll do it until we get a new TV (hopefully soon). I also tried turning off, then back on, the “Anynet/cec” function on the TV, but that didn’t work, so unplugging/Re plugging is likely the answer. Thanks again for your help. I learned a lot!

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Roku Guru

Re: Home Button Switch from cable to Roku (Voice Remote Pro)

@MikeInChi If nothing urgent is connected to the same circuit as the power outlet for the TV going to your electrical box and turning the circuit breaker to off for about ten minutes should accomplish the same as unplugging the TV.