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Express 4k+: Remote will not wake TV from Standby


  • Excpress 4k+
  • Software v12.0.0 Build 4184-E4


  • Sony Bravia 2015 KDL-50w800C
  • Android v8.0.0 Security Patch Level 01/01/2020 Kernel 3.10.79

My Roku remote controls the TV normally. However, if the TV is in Standby mode the Roku remote doesn't seem to send the signal to turn it back on. The white light on the Roku flashes if I hold the power button down but nothing happens. Furthermore, when I power on the TV via its own Sony remote, the Roku seems to be booting from a full-off state.

I think the power off state indicates the TV does not maintain power over USB when in Standby so the Roku is powered off. My question is why isn't the remote still sending the Power On signal to the TV regardless of the Roku player's power state?

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Express 4k+: Remote will not wake TV from Standby

Hi @rokiedokie2

Welcome to the Roku Community!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and we'd like to know more about it.

Could you tell us when you started seeing the issue occur? Have you tried repairing your Roku remote to see if you're seeing any differences?

Once we have a clearer grasp of the situation, we will be able to recommend the appropriate next steps.

Warm regards,


Roku Community Moderator
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