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Connecting Remote - No Wifi

I have just moved and own a roku TCL tv. Since the move we have come across the problem of not being able to connect our TV to the wifi because we can't connect our remote, which BTW has no pairing button. So we can't use the roku app to start it up or do really anything, but we can turn it on and off with the single button it has. Is there a way to connect our remote with no pairing button, batteries, or wifi? Or should we head to the internet for a new remote with the button?

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Re: Connecting Remote - No Wifi

Is your remote a voice remote with a microphone button on it?  If so, press and hold both the Home and Back buttons until the light starts to flash.  If it's not a voice remote then no pairing is necessary.  Just point it at the front of the TV.  You will need batteries, so I'm not sure what you mean by "no batteries".  You can pick up a new voice remote at Target, Walmart, or other big box stores.

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Re: Connecting Remote - No Wifi

A trick i did recently is to use a hotspot. Change your hotspot to the same Name and Password as your old router/wifi. The roku will think is the actual wifi and then from there you can go to the roku app and change the wifi to the new one. Hopefully that should work for ya! let me know. thanks! 

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