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Bose soundbar 700 universal remote and Roku 3

I have just setup a Bose 700 soundbar .  Unfortunately my Samsung TV model does not have an HDMI ARC output... so the bar and tv are linked with an optical cable.  The 700 has a Bose universal remote which is now paired with and controlling the Samsung tv... and I would like to... if possible... use the Bose universal to control my Roku 3.   I have scoured the web and YouTube and the only info I've found so far is a YouTube vid in which a dude pressed a setup button on the remote and entered a Roku code that would allow the universal remote and Roku 3 to pair.  If this is even possible I would really appreciate hearing from someone who has been able to make this connection.... specifically how they did it and where to find which code I should use.

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Re: Bose soundbar 700 universal remote and Roku 3

I expect your Bose remote controls via infrared (IR) signals.  The Roku 3 came with a remote that controlled via radio frequencies (RF) that allowed the Roku to be placed out of sight.  But they also have an infrared (IR) detector that allows it to be controlled by the same set of IR commands used by all non-Streaming Stick Roku devices.  To be controlled by IR, the Roku needs to be located in view where the direct line-of-sight IR signal can find it.

Bose remote code reference pdf document lists Roku as 02457, both under TV and GAMES.  This makes me a little suspicious that this is the code to control Roku TVs (those that have Roku capabilities built in) which respond to a different set of IR commands than the separate Roku devices do.  But it can't hurt to at least try it.

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Re: Bose soundbar 700 universal remote and Roku 3

Many Bose oem remotes were made by UEI, any remote that takes 5-digit codes is made by UEI. Roku UEI codes include 02371 or 03061. 

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