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Static electricity vs Roku TV Remote

When I walked across the room to grab my RCA Roku TV remote, I had built up static electricity. When I shocked myself, and subsequently the remote, it messed up the remote. It doesn’t respond to buttons pushed and redirects the TV to RDIO. I have replaced batteries, unplugged the TV, and reset everything but to no avail. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Re: Static electricity vs Roku TV Remote

I have touch many of remotes in my life and that hasn't ever happened to where it harmed the remote, no. If you need a new remote you don't have to get an rca roku tv remote, roku tv remotes by tcl, Insignia, onn, magnavox, jvc, westinghouse, sanyo all work on each others models. Just don't get Sharp or Hisense.

I suggest getting the One-For-All urc-7935 Streamer remote, there are many on ebay for under $10:


P1010420 (800x600).jpg

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