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Reel Rookie

Re: Static electricity vs Roku TV Remote

Mary, I appreciate your reply. Nothing has been resolved. The remote is fried. I did buy another remote, but it is the lesser version without headphones plug. There should be a sticker on the remote warning of potential static electricity damage. Another option would be to provide a custom anti-static bag that is clear and pliable or simply recommend one. Dealing with static electricity is always a potential problem with electronics. One other option would be to suggest that when handling a remote one's hands should not be dry. Applying hand lotion would be perhaps advisable for those who have dry hands because it could help to minimize potential static discharge. I have no problem sending the remote to Roku for examination. SN: SODD31AP2S3N.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Static electricity vs Roku TV Remote

Hi @MAC20,

Thanks for following up and providing additional information.

A member of our Support team will reach out to you via email to investigate this issue. Please let the Support team know if you have any other questions or concerns so they can assist you further and provide a resolution to this issue.

We appreciate your patience for the time being.

Best regards,

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