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Reel Rookie

Re: Remote skips or jumps over multiple channel tiles

I have a premier+ box. I started to having this issue since last week.  This has nothing to do with any of the apps but everything to do with Roku unit/firmware/software.  

I disconnected the power for 4 hours and reconnected - problem still exists
I thought the problem is the remote so replaced the battery - problem still exists
I tried re-pairing the remote - problem still exists
I tried factory reset - problem still exists

Software updates are automatically done, at least on my box.  You have no control over it.  My box was last updated on 8/20/2023 to 12.0.0 Build 4184.  This is when the skipping started for me.  

It's madness and the box is useless at this point with the skipping.  I mainly use the YouTube app and I'm going through a horrible experience.  All of sudden it will skip through all the videos until it hits the last one.  When I'm watching a video, it randomly pauses or fast forwards the videos to the end as if I am using the remote.  I can hardly select anything or type in the text boxes including on the Roku menus.  I fought with the unit just to select the system menu.  After the factory reset, I couldn't enter my email address because the cursor would skip from left to right on all the letters back and forth endlessly. 

I've been a loyal user of Roku products for over six years.  They need to fix this issue ASAP!  Revert the software/firmware updates. I am about to go pick up a Firestick and I will never use an another Roku product again!  


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Remote skips or jumps over multiple channel tiles

Hi Community users!

Thanks for flagging this to us,

Kindly be advised that we are still working on the issue, and we assure you that we'll provide an update once more information is available.

We sincerely appreciate your patience as we are currently investigating the issue further,

All the best,

Takashi O.
Roku Community Moderator
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Streaming Star

Re: Remote skips or jumps over multiple channel tiles

The problem is not with your actual Roku remote.  The problem is with Roku's programming for the remotes.  This has been an ongoing issue since July 2023.  Try the fix that has worked for me for over 3 weeks on my Roku TCL Series 5 and 6 TVs, Roku Ultra and ONN Roku TV, among others.

On the Roku HOME screen press SETTINGS on the left side of the screen then SYSTEM then SOFTWARE UPDATE.

After your Roku is fully updated press OK then go to SETTINGS and then to POWER and then to SYSTEM RESTART then RESTART.   After your Roku device restarts the remote should work normally again.

Reel Rookie

Re: Remote skips or jumps over multiple channel tiles


Please have your development team revert the Roku platform update to a prior stable release.   Then work out the problem in the current release and ONLY after a good regression testing should you release the fix.  Release the bug fix to a limited number of devices first, let it run for few weeks and evaluate the performance before mass releasing it for everyone. 

The longer you are letting this problem persist, the bigger damage to your brand name.  Revert to a stable release first!


Roku Guru

Re: Remote skips or jumps over multiple channel tiles

But that would mean there is something wrong with the software and they couldn’t keep having fun making unsuspecting customers jump thru all the resets, updates, unplugging, clearing caches and standing on your head while pressing the menus button 5 times followed by the right arrow key 8 times…. Lol

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Re: Remote skips or jumps over multiple channel tiles

I have the same problem. Have Rokus on two TVs, one was from 2018, the other 2022. HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM ON BOTH. Started in July, repaired themselves last week. Having the problem again this week. I not my TVs, my WiFi, my providers/streaming services. Ergo, it must be the Rokus. Since I have two different piece of Roku hardware, my suspicion is there's something wrong with the Roku software?

I will try restarting, but please investigate your software. Thank you.

L. Dang

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Channel Surfer

Re: Remote skips or jumps over multiple channel tiles

I've got two remote controls.  The first has a slightly defective mute button, so I picked up a 2nd.  But they both do the same thing.    And more than one streaming service does it too.   Can't be the TV, and I don't have a 2nd Roku hardware.   But I think it's the software in the Roku.

I did the "reboot" from settings and that worked great.  Haven't had any issues for a few days now.

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Re: Remote not working skips channels

the solution for me was 2 parts, one was to replace the batteries in the remote and then I unplugged both the power and the HDMI cables for several seconds from the ROKU base.  Worked fine for me.

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Re: Remotes skipping multiple channels

This worked for me as well. I had tried a restart alone but that did not work. Needed the system restart.

Re: Remote skips or jumps over multiple channel tiles

I unplugged everything concerning the tv and let it sit for fifteen minutes and then plugged it all back in and it quit. Mine was when I would put music on like pandora or Amazon music and you would hit the side to side button to go from channel to channel and instead of one jump, it went like two to three spaces and going back it did the same. But unplugging everything and letting it sit had taken care of it !

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