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voice recognition on a 2015 roku streaming stick via the phone app???


 How does roku voice recognition work? I have a roku streaming stick I bought in 2015 which still works very well. However it has no voice control facility. On the other hand I have the roku app on my phone. Could I use voice control via my phone app, or do I need to update my roku for voice control?


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Re: voice recognition on a 2015 roku streaming stick via the phone app???

No you cannot. Also a Roku device from 2015 is outdated. You can buy a Roku Stick with a voice remote for $40. 

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Re: voice recognition on a 2015 roku streaming stick via the phone app???


The Stick that was sold in 2015 is actually 2014's Roku HDMI Streaming Stick model 3500. In fact, what I'm about to say would apply to 2016's model 3600 Streaming Stick.

Voice commands were far future when that device was built. I'm not saying it wasn't on the drawing board. I'm saying they didn't include the components to allow it to work with 2022's Voice Remotes.

As for the phone app, I think it simply does the same as the Voice Remote in that it doesn't duplicate the stuff the Stick does. If the Stick won't work with the Voice Remote, the app won't make a difference. However, @Tivoburkee and some others could confirm this, but I really think you won't be able to use voice commands with that device.

Of course, you could just download the app and try it, since it's free. But if doesn't work, don't be shocked.

And, as @TrooperDada326 indicated, one of the current Sticks will run circles around the model 3500 Stick. So, if you do upgrade, you'll be pleased with the results, apart from the voice functionality.

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