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Roku Guru

Re: Why did Roku add Spiderwick Chronicles Show/Hide choice option to my Menu Items page?

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The lower-left ad depends on the theme. I use the Nebula theme and never have that one.

The right one is a promo ad, so you can't hide it. With regular ads, you can highlight the ad and hit the asterisk key and choose to hide it. It will be replaced with a different one.

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Re: Why did Roku add Spiderwick Chronicles Show/Hide choice option to my Menu Items page?

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My many thanks of gratitude to all of you that have taken the time to reply to my post. I would like to apologize for any confusion, and I will do my best to make this clearer about what I am experiencing on my device in regard to the Spiderwick Chronicles Show/Hide choice option Menu Item. The Spiderwick Chronicles is a Roku Original series Program on the Roku channel. Here is the list of items that I have chosen to use on the Home page and starting on the left side of the page from the top to bottom. Home, Search, What to Watch, Streaming Store and Settings and also on the bottom left side of the page any type of Roku suggested item that may or may not be displayed is of little concern to me. From the left side of the page and one directional button push > to the right takes me to apps and to the right of my apps is the Roku ad window which is also of little concern to me. Here is my issue. When I select the Settings option, this option will then take me to the Roku Home Screen and the choice of options listed there are as follows: Top to Bottom: Layout: - Recommendation rows - Show/Hide --- Menu Items: - "Spiderwick Chronicles" Show/Hide - Live TV Show/Hide - What to Watch Show/Hide - Featured Free Show/Hide - Sports Show/Hide - Shortcuts Show/Hide: My bewilderment is how can Spiderwick Chronicles a Roku Original series on the Roku channel be considered as a Menu Item. Spiderwick Chronicles is not displayed under themes options. Selecting the Hide option only removes the item from the Home page list and will not remove the item from the Home Screen Menu Items list. I hope this helps to explain my original post. Once again, my many thanks to one and all.

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Re: The movie magic screensaver has morphed into an ad for SpiderWick

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Actually it has changed back to normal now.. Thanks!

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