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Reel Rookie

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Suuuuucks 👎

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Channel Surfer

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

HEY ROKU!  Listen up!

We're not here to see our inspired speeches in print, online.   We want you to FIX THIS!

We're don't want your plastic smiles or your, "We hear you" or "Thank you..."  FIX THIS!

We do not want your empty platitudes, and we're not going to just go away.  FIX THIS!

Get YOUR preferences off MY television, you selfish, self-important, egomaniacal, jerks.  An occasional sympathetic word doesn't cut it.  Give us a precise dateWHEN will this issue be addressed/when will this "feature" be withdrawn from our home-screens?

You exemplify the verse, "The love of money is the root of all evil."  FIX THIS!

Binge Watcher

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?


Has Roku Support responded to anyone on the forum?

Are they just ignoring us?

Are they going to take our feedback and make changes to be able to remove it?

They knew exactly what they were doing when they activated it.


If we are going to be ignored, i.e. basically giving us the middle finger, I am out.. I don't like being treated like a idiot much less ignored as a paying customer..

If you need more money, charge more, but don't treat us like we don't know. But if your just trying to squeeze out every little bit out of advertisers.. than ya, find another s-u-c-k-e-r .

I will give you 30 days from today to take action in removing the "On Now" feature or providing an option to move it or remove it.

I am happy to remove all 5 devices never to use your product again. Way to many other options out there to deal with yet another company treating their customers like idiots.



Binge Watcher

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Just wondering how you managed to chat? I tried that just now in regard to this "on now" B S but just as last time I tried to chat with customer service (only option), there was no way to send my replies. I clicked on a 'send' icon after my initial question but after that would type my reply in the box then see no 'send button' or anything to click on to send it, while the agent sputtered  on asking "Are you still there??" before ending the "chat". At least she sent a follow-up email, but that provided me with an 800 phone number to call, upon which the recording of course told me they can not help with a question of this nature--- Call Terminated.

Channel Surfer

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

My suggestion if something doesn't work in your browser, try using a different browser. I know that's not ideal and I hate it when I find that necessary. But I have found that some things simply don't work on a specific browser.


I have not attempted a direct chat.

Today the 'On Now' changed to "Recently Viewed' and I have the option to remove things from that. This is more acceptable than the 'On Now' was. I would still like the option to move or remove that row.

Binge Watcher

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Roku deleted my question?

You all suck, not only are you ignoring your customers you are deleting their questions regarding the "On Now" junk on the home screen.

So maybe you can answer this.

Is it my home screen or yours?

No bs.. just answer the question.

If it is mine, remove that **bleep** now.. if it is yours I will remove it.

Binge Watcher

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

why aren't any of this post/questions showing up on the community home page.. https://community.roku.com/

You all are keeping this "On Now" feature hidden from other and forcing it on us?

Is that home screen mine or yours?

Binge Watcher

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Any updated from Roku to remove the Home screen "On Now" bar.

Binge Watcher

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Checking in!.... Any update on the Home screen "On Now" Removal?

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Attention Roku employees @RokuAustin, @RokuERey, and any other moderators:

I hope you are relaying all of this to the appropriate planners and programmers.  There is a groundswell against these home page changes.  MAKE THEM OPTIONAL.

Roku Community Streaming Expert
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