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Multiple Rokus on multiple TV's

I have a living room TV and a bedroom TV. I have a Roku® Streaming Stick®+ currently on my living room TV.

I was considering the Roku Express+ due to reviews for my Living room TV and moving my Stick to my bedroom TV.

Does one work better at one TV versus the other? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to one or the other hooked to one or the other TV's? My living room TV is a wall mount and my bedroom TV is a table top. Another question, will the Roku Express+ work behind my wall mounted TV? I dont have a lot of space. Will the remote work with it behind the TV? I have the free HDMI extender cable for the stick. Does it or will I need it for the Roku Express+ if I have it behind my TV?


Sorry so many questions.

Thanks for any help



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Re: Multiple Rokus on multiple TV's

I recommend the Express 4K+ (its dual band and has an ethernet option via USB adapter) and comes with a WiFi Direct/Point Anywhere remote (so direct "line of sight" isnt necessary).

Check https://my.roku.com/upgrade/ for upgrade offers, otherwise you can get it for $30-40.

Both the 4K+ and SS+ are 4K/HDR, Dual-band and come with WiFi Direct/Point Anywhere remotes.  However, the 4K+ can also be used with IR remotes and has the USB ethernet option (adapter not provided).

Its up to you to decide where they work best, and can easily be switched around.

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Re: Multiple Rokus on multiple TV's

Additional information:

If you are considering a Roku Express, I would concur with @StreamerUser's suggestion of getting the relatively new Express 4K+, for both reasons he cites (point anywhere remote which would allow placement behind the TV, and dual band WiFi).  In addition this gives you 4K capability should you upgrade to a 4K TV in the future, but will work fine with a HD set today.

The HDMI extender with the Streaming Stick+ would not be needed with the Express because the Express connects to the TV via an HDMI cable, not via a built-in male HDMI plug like the Stick.

The Express is a bit bulkier than the Stick, so if space is super tight behind your wall mounted TV, there may not be room for the Express.  Also if the Stick is already set up on the wall mounted TV, you may just find it easier to leave it in place and put the Express on the other set where you've got more room to work.

The Streaming Stick+ is claimed to have more powerful WiFi capabilities than other Roku models (other than the Ultra).   I don't know if the new Express 4K+ has this enhanced WiFi, so you may find that the Stick+ gives you better WiFi performance in whichever location is further from your WiFi router.

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