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Reel Rookie

Problem updating ultra 4802X to 13.0.0

Any idea why our ultra 4800X updates to v 13.0.0 but our brand new 4802X will only update to 12.5.5?

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Roku Guru

Re: Problem updating ultra 4802X to 13.0.0

Having owned just about every generation Roku player, its not unusual for them to stagger update roll outs. Point in case, I own a 4800X and have yet to get v13, so I wouldn't be concerned at all. Hope that helps

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Re: Problem updating ultra 4802X to 13.0.0


Roku updates to new major updates individual Roku installation by individual Roku installation, with an update schedule known only to Roku. If you have multiple Rokus, they may not become eligible for the update at the same time, even if they are the same Roku model.  I have several installed Rokus and haven't yet received 13.0 on any of them.

Roku menu path "Settings > System > System update" will show you your current Roku version number. Down in the lower left corner of this screen it will also show you when your last update was installed.

A new release sometimes creates problems that must be addressed. If you are having a new problem with your Roku, does its beginning coincide with your installation date?

In past major Roku updates, I've found that updating the Roku software may not automatically update all channel apps that have new versions to accommodate the Roku update. I don't know if this is the case with this update. Manually running an additional update check as soon as you receive the Roku update can make sure you have the latest versions of all your channel apps and prevent many update-related problems (Settings > System > System update > Check now).

Despite having had access to the Roku update as it was being developed, some channels may take a while for their developers to issue needed updates, so a manual update check as above to catch any more recent updates is always a good first step when running into specific channel problems.

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Re: Problem updating ultra 4802X to 13.0.0

Yup I have the same issue, I just bought a new roku tv april 24th and when I set it up it only updated to 12.5.0 and the other day it tried to update again but funny thing is the build number and software remained the same 12.5.0 GO FIGURE. Hopefully itll just update to 13 on its own eventually. 

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