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Reel Rookie

Device is coming back on by itself and not completely shutting down after the 20 minute mark

It appears the Device sometimes shuts off after the 20 minute no activity as it's supposed to do when I'm done using it. However I'm seeing it's turning back on by itself without any remote input? Also it's not always shutting off upon non-using after 20 minutes time setting. Example: I shutdown for the night after using and the device light goes off as it's required but it's back on again apparently running again during the night? It's getting annoying. I now make sure it's set with wifi connection and not wired connection or my data will be calculating usage! Anyone else having issues like this or knows what is causing it? I've re-checked the settings several times and it's set to cut completely off after the 20 minute mark and it does at times and other times it doesn't or it's been coming back on by itself and remaining on until I intervene again with it shutting it down again. Please anyone else? 

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Re: Device is coming back on by itself and not completely shutting down after the 20 minute mark

Hi @Redirishboy

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community. 

When auto power savings is enabled and your compatible Roku player is idle for 20 minutes it automatically enters a low power mode and attempts to power off the TV it is connected to. You can use the following steps to disable auto power savings.

  1. Press Home  on your Roku remote
  2. Scroll and select Settings
  3. Select System
  4. Select Power
  5. Select Auto power savings
  6. Uncheck the box next to After 20 minutes of no interaction

After you disable auto power savings, your Roku player will remain "awake" and ready to be used any time your TV is powered on.

For reference, you may also check our Support page: How to disable auto power savings on your Roku® streaming player

Does this clear the issue you are seeing? Keep us posted. 


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Re: Device is coming back on by itself and not completely shutting down after the 20 minute mark

Really do not think the reply addresses the issue.  If I understand the original topic correctly, it is very much the same issue I am having.  I just replaced my Roku Utltra in my bedroom with a newer version Ultra 4K HDR, blah, blah blah, that has voice control, a rechargeable remote, and earbuds that can be plugged into the remote.  First off, I had no issues with the replaced Ultra, just thought I would get something newer and shiny.  

So the new remote does this irritating thing of turning itself on after I turn it off for the night.  The TV does not come on, just the light on the Ultra.  I have done everything conceivable from restarting to reseting the controls on my Sony Bravia (remember, there was no issue with older Ultra), to attempting to set up with the CEC option that does not work, to only using the on/off button on the remote, to only using the built in on/off on the screen.  It does not matter, after I turn off the Ultra and the TV, the **bleep** Ultra light pops on some 20 to 25 minutes later and stays on unless I go through the turn on/turn off drill once again.  It's like a "GroundHog Day" version with Ultra.  No matter what I do, the end result is still the same.  Can someone just come up with a solution, please.

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Re: Device is coming back on by itself and not completely shutting down after the 20 minute mark

@jfletch47, try disabling "power saving" under Settings->System->Power.  More and more the light is not a reliable indication of anything and Roku devices never really turn off.  The power button on the remote is strictly for the TV and doesn't affect the Roku device.

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