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Re: 3 or 4 column choice is GONE now

Just in case Roku ever responds to this issue:

I have 3 Ultras, all of which had an option under settings/home screen to choose the layout. I had 2 of them set to small tiles, and one set to large tiles for the much smaller display to which it was connected.

One day I restarted one and it displayed the large tiles instead of the small ones that I had selected. I couldn't find the option to change it anywhere.

I looked at the other Ultra with the small tiles still displayed, and easily found the option to change it. I restarted that one and it came back displaying large tiles, and the settings option had also been removed.

The third Ultra was displaying the original large tiles that I selected for that one, and the option to choose the layout was still available under settings. After a restart, that setting was removed also.

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Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

I also preferred the 4x4 app grid size more so than the 3x3 app grid size however the option of the app grid size has simply disappeared over night. It has been my past and present experience that the functionality associated with any product (streaming services and/or streaming devices) is subjective and/or objective to change without the user and/or customer consent. The hard truth is the user and/or paying customer of the device and/or service have no real control with the functionality that is associated with the device and/or service. I make the choice to buy or not to buy, to use or not to use, to pay or not to pay for the streaming services and/or streaming devices. Even if I were to stop using the Roku device and/or cancel a paid subscription service executives know there will be more customers to replace me --- they will get their money either way. I have recently noticed that Roku has started to include more and more ads (ads that are not associated with movies and/or tv programs) on the Home page. It seems very obvious to me that changes can be made to the Roku OS system if and when they choose to do so.

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Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

Roku's real bread and butter comes from advertisements not from the devices themselves. it makes more sense for Roku to try to keep their users happy within reason. the 4x4 grid should be an easy fix that I'm hoping comes with the next RokuOS version. at least that is what I'm hoping. don't give up hope yet.

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Re: Were icons made larger again? ICON SIZE SETTING VANISHED!

Yes, suddenly today, it's a GIGANTIC 3x3 grid, which spills our final row off the screen.

We're on a lowly, small size (by many or most people's standards) 32” TV in our family room — and these now take up far too much of the Home Screen.

Weirdly, the system information reports that the OS was last changed back in January!  So, this was an unannounced change, surreptitiously slipped in on users under the cover of night!  🌃 🔥 👎🏽 

There used to be a setting to control icon size — please restore it posthaste!

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Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

Yea but they alienate their users and there is always Apple TV steamer or fire tv…. I have always been (and still am) a proponent of Roku and its simplicity but there are breaking points of inconvenience that push users away.   


Re: Home screen icons are large now. Does anyone know how to switch back to the small ones??

They made the change because users threatened a malicious fraudulent laws**t saying Roku wasn't in compliance with ADA which is a lie. You (ROKU) Can easily add options to configure your own layout. I mean for crying out loud, you have 12 settings for how to display closed captioning, which is insane,  yet you cant get this of the most basic pieces sorted out


Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

gotta love Roku's lousy answer. they already know the menus of their machines. "go check what isn't there please"

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Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

in addition because they switched it back in some places icons are so big that they go off the screen. i mean it's like no one even bothered to look at how they would display after they screwed up another change.

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Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

Well @wildsprite after I was just notified of the merging of similar threads into this one, by @RokuERey and/or @RokuTakashi  I did some review of their earlier comments and found a very clear & positive assurance by Takashi back on ‎2023-09-13 07:29 PM ... 

... "The 4-column option and continue watching section are some of the features that will be officially available on the next Roku OS update." ... 

SO your Hope, mine, @ThisishT , @Galaxy_Paul , @Scott-Y , @pmyers1231 and I am sure MANY others ... 

may not be misplaced !

It would STILL be nice to have at least one or more Roku folks confirm this is still the case to come, and an update to when the Pending OS 13 is planned or targeted to become available.

I previously posted about info of an upcoming Roku Dev Event for OS 13 on April 15, 2024 

See this link > https://community.roku.com/t5/Features-settings-updates/Can-I-get-the-4x4-grid-back/td-p/925734/high...




Re: How to get 4 columns back?

Terrible. The UI looks poor and I DO use about 12 of the apps so.. yeah give me back my 4 columns. 

12.5.5 -4147  Bad UI.

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