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Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

Please add the tiles option back to the Home Screen Menu for the 4x4 grid, or even a 5x5 grid (eliminating the huge ad to the right that many people, ignore). Options are usually better than mass forced changes.


Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

Hi Carly,

Since you answered this question in December and it is now April I was wondering if you are going to fix this issue. 

I bought and new device and it seems to toggle between 3x3 and 4x4 randomly. I like the 4x4 and wish you would at least give an option. I'm on the 12.5.5 version build 4174.

Please let us know when to expect this fix.

Reel Rookie

3 or 4 column choice is GONE now

Recently we were given the choice for 3 or 4 columns view of apps in settings. Now it's back to the unwanted 3 columns only which is subpar. Where is the 3 or 4 column custom setting to make it 4 columns again?

Binge Watcher

Re: 3 or 4 column choice is GONE now

It seems to have started occurring and/or being noticed about 14 hours ago...


AND the Settings Option to Set this is now also gone!

Roku OS Sw Version 12.5.5 Build 4174 on multiple Roku Ultra's - NO Sw Update Available !

hooked to Multiple TV's both FHD 1080p & UHD 4k 2160p

Roku Guru

Re: 3 or 4 column choice is GONE now

Roku has probably gathered the data they want from the random tests. With OS13 coming out soon, it's possible those settings may return. Or if too few people were using it, then maybe it will be permanently gone.

Binge Watcher

Re: 3 or 4 column choice is GONE now

Ah Yes, Its Spring Again...  and Roku has previous released new OS's around this time before...

Tech News site BGR.com suggests: 

... " Over the past few years, major Roku software updates have rolled out in March or April, so if the company sticks to that schedule, we could see 13.0 within the next few weeks." ...


And Roku themselves have posted news of a April 15, 2024 Roku Devs Webinar for OS 13 


But WHY would any company try to force a UX 'User Experience' feature upon its users thus treating them like victims or subservient to their whims.

It should, and has been, and Optional Setting for all to choose from.

And 4x4 still allowed them to show the giant 1/3 screen Ad as well!

Lets all just hope we dont again re-experience the fiasco of OS 10.5 that Roku offered folks Roll-Backs for.

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Roku Guru

Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

usually long periods of silence means Roku has not told the community team anything they can tell us and that usually means they have no intention of giving us the requested feature which is a shame.

please tell me I'm wrong @RokuCarly 

Binge Watcher

Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

That would be a Sad Pattern / Trend @wildsprite - IIRC I have got fairly quick replies re: other topics in the past.

I hope they recognize and value peoples Liberties to enjoy their Preferences - specially those that have been working for months now (for me anyways - on several models of Roku Ultras hooked to Multi TVs).

Maybe @RokuCarly might have further updates to the Immanent ? release of Roku OS 13 ? "in Weeks ?"

I commented about seeing verbiage from BGR.com & Roku Dev's

about an Event "Webinar for OS 13" coming April 15 2024 ?


Binge Watcher

Re: Can I get the 4x4 grid back?

AH! So Roku IS Aware of this sudden loss of functionality soooo many have been loving !

Or at least @RokuCarly is aware... 😉

PLEASE research this and inform and/or tag us such as @wildsprite  that have been using this feature and its Setting Option for months now...

and maybe even sneak in the latest update blurb on OS 13 Release ? Days? Weeks? 

Or do we have to wait till On/After April 15's Dev Event for OS 13 ?

Roku Guru

Re: Were icons made larger again?

We're experiencing the same issue. It was 4 across and now it's 3, which is soooo much 'in your face' when you have a 60" screen that's 13 feet from where you're sitting. 

Why can't they simply make it an option, instead of jamming it down the viewer's throat?

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