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Audio doesn't work after Roku stick software update

Hi, I'm new to Roku life and only been using the stick for a month with no issues except today when it performed a software update (version 12.5.0, build 4172) and now the audio doesn't work right. It takes a few minutes before I hear sound after I change channels or apps. Yes I checked that all the cables are snuggly in place. Yes I unplugged and replugged. Yes I restarted Roku. Yes, I restarted my router. Yes I have ample mbps on my network. It is the same way on my other TV that is a different brand but uses the same Roku stick.

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Re: Audio doesn't work after Roku stick software update

Hi @NwflChelle,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We'd like to learn more about this experience you have after updating your device. Could you tell us if this audio delay happens to the rest of the channels on the platform?

Please tell us more about this so that we can further assist you.



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Re: Audio doesn't work after Roku stick software update

I have the same issue after this 12.5.0 update today. I use HDMI connection but after this update Roku automatically switches to a dvi connection and I get no sound. Screen size gets smaller and the Roku screen turns pink. It’s totally hosed. Changed cables, reset and restarted multiple times, it’s a bad update.

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