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3820 Stick won't read media hub SD card videos

Bare with me here:

I had a 3600 model Stick in my car that connected to the standalone wifi provided by a media hub that has a sd card in it with videos for the kids to watch in the backseat. The media hub can provide internet via pass-thru, like the hotspot on my phone, but normally is not connected to any network that it can pass-thru. It worked fine, but the stick was getting a little slow in general. I bought a new 4k Stick (3820). I quickly discovered that the new model will not read the sd card on the media hub unless I connect the media hub to my phone hotspot to provide pass-thru network connection. I swapped a 3810 from my tv at home and it works like I wanted, so the situation is more or less resolved, but I'm left with questions. Is it an inadvertant loss of function, or is it purposeful? Is the functionality going to disappear from my other older sticks through system update? 

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Reel Rookie

Re: 3820 Stick won't read media hub SD card videos

I've had the same problem since an update with the 3820 stick.
Airplay feature no longer work without an internet connection what it did before the update.
Used the stick for local streaming and now it's completely useless because Roku is greedy to gather info and is now forcing you to have an internet connection.
And downgrade to older version is not possible.

I certainly don't use a stick like that anymore and Roku should be ashamed.

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