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Roku's No Longer Work on one TV

Device works BUT NO LONGER ON THE TV IT WAS ORIGINALLY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have a **bleep**ing paperweight!

I don't know where to **bleep**ing post this. ROKU MADE SOME CHANGE! Period!

I cannot believe there is no support but this! I have four devices, not sure I will have more! I **bleep**ed up a piece of furniture moving devices around to solve THIS Issue!

Today, my device stopped working, after working for over a year on this TV. It is probably an update issue BUT I CAN'T say for sure! I have tried every suggestion possible.  The device works on other TVs but not the original.  I have also tested 2 other devices, different models (YES A TOTAL OF THREE different models) none them work, SAME **bleep**ING PROBLEM!. JUST TO CONFIRM ALL OF THE DEVICES WORK ON DIFFERENT TVS!!!!!!

The ROKU startup starts up and at some point it does something weird and goes black, it never recovers. I managed to get into the device setup twice and the setup failed at the same point, screen detection!  Goes black and does not recover!

Is ROKU going to compensate me for the time and effort in solving this problem? Are they going to fix my piece of furniture?  I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS ALL WE HAVE FOR SUPPORT! DOES MY TIME HAVE NO VALUE?  LET ME ANSWER THAT, NO, NONE ALL OF YOU **bleep**ING CORPORATIONS ARE THE SAME!!!!!!!!

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Re: Roku's No Longer Work on one TV


What is the model number of the suspect Roku device from Settings/System/About?


First thing to do is try using a power adapter plugged into the wall if you are currently trying to use the TV USB power port for power.

Second thing to do is take the suspect device to another TV, go to Settings/Display Type and set it to 720p. (Do not use Auto-Detect).

Then take the suspect device back to the original TV, and while still using the wall outlet to power the device, see if the issue is resolved.

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