audio not working trough sound bar

So just yesterday my sound bar being connected to my roku tv was working just fine but then the next day it stopped being connected i tried re-connecting it but didn’t work i tried the (CEC) thing it didn’t work i tried to reset it didn’t work i tried doing the audio didn’t work i’ve seen similar questions to this but none have resolved my issue i also tried switching hdmi cords 

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Re: audio not working trough sound bar

Hi @Tv16,

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We're sorry to hear about the experience with your Soundbar on your Roku TV and that the audio is not working. We appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've performed to try to resolve the issue. In this case, we would recommend trying to manually set it to output only the formats supported by your soundbar. You can follow the steps below to access settings and select an audio mode:

  1. Press Home on your Roku TV remote
  2. Scroll and select Settings
  3. Select System
  4. Select Audio
  5. Select S/PDIF and ARC and make a selection
    • Auto detect - This is the default setting that allows your Roku TV to automatically detect the capabilities of your soundbar over the HDMI connection.
    • Auto passthrough - Delivers unmodified Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, or DTS audio when available with the movie or TV show and when your Roku TV detects that your soundbar supports the audio format.
      • Note: The Auto passthrough setting allows a soundbar with appropriate capabilities to play content without any delay due to processing on the TV. When Auto passthrough is enabled, audio formats that are not supported by the soundbar may be converted to stereo sound (PCM) to keep any processing delay to a minimum.
    • Specific audio formats: Choose one of the specific audio formats if the audio capabilities of your soundbar are not detected correctly and you know it supports the specific audio format(s).

Note: If you are not sure about the capabilities of your soundbar, select PCM-Stereo (or Stereo). This is the most basic audio mode and can be played by all soundbars. If you continue to hear no sound with this selection, contact the manufacturer of your soundbar to inquire about a potential hardware issue.

For more detailed information, visit our Support article.

Please keep us posted, and we'll continue assisting you from there.

All the best,

Jecheal R.
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Re: audio not working trough sound bar

First off what tv do you have? I ask this because I had a similar experience yesterday. You see I have the A series Hisense google android tv 75 inch with an old onn roku blast sound bar that I was able to hook up through Bluetooth two weeks ago I went out and purchased the 10 inch drive onn subwoofer which did not connect due to not having the correct soundbar,so last night I went out and purchased the correct sound bar in order for this to be connected with my tv setup remind you not a roku tv I had to hook up the sound bar with every wire it came with AUX and HDMI cable after I selected the proper HDMI on the tv it automatically went onto the roku page and I was able to connect the subwoofer too and next four speakers 

once the sound bar updated and went through all the proper settings and steps I had no issues with anything after that and now I have both android tv and roku tv. But honestly you don’t need both once you have the sound for everything you are free to unplug the HDMI cable but if you do unplug it no longer roku page streaming will be available on your tv. Your speakers will still work fine on your google tv unplugging the HDMI cord will not effect your sound quality or output at all won’t even interfere with it the only thing it stops is roku streaming which is not a big deal because that is what android tv is only more options But leaving your HDMI cord plugged in gives you both experiences 

friendly reminder—if your situation is similar to mine your volume will be controlled by the roku remote controller HDMI or no HDMI and to power off the system plus the tv the roku remote will also shut down everything 

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