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Unable to stream Hulu shows on my Roku 3HD 4200X device / Ads play and then black screen sticks

On my Roku 3HD 4200X I am unable to stream any Hulu shows.  The ads that precede the shows play but then all I get is a black screen.  This does not happen with Hulu on my other devices.  I have tried removing the application, restarting my Roku, reinstalling the Hulu application with no success.  Again, this is only a problem on this one Roku device.  My laptop, iPhone, and VizioTV don't have problems; this is only when trying to stream shows on my Roku 3HD 4200X device.  No matter what shows I try to stream, the advertisements play and you can see the countdown clock but as soon as they get to 0:01 the screen freezes at a black display and is frozen.  Hulu states this is a problem with the app on my Roku and not a Hulu issue.  Help!

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Re: Unable to stream Hulu shows on my Roku 3HD 4200X device / Ads play and then black screen sticks

Hello! @Glennz01,

A friendly welcome from the Roku Community!

We understand you are having an issue with Hulu using your ROku 3. We're pleased to assist.

The device you are using can no longer support the most recent features. 

This means this device will no longer get new features or streaming channels, updates to existing channels, or other software-related updates. You can keep using your Roku player to stream the channels you currently have. However, you may lose access to some channels as those channel partners update.

If you haven't already upgraded your device, you should have received an email with offers to purchase a new player as a discounted price. You can also access this offer by signing into your Roku account and visiting the following website https://my.roku.com/offers.



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