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Streambar pro blurry/pixelated until restarted using YouTubeTV

Wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this or has any ideas. I recently purchased a Roku Streambar Pro for my living room. I use YouTube TV for cable and have found with this device that certain channels are extremely blurry/pixelated until I do a full system restart. It seems to be primarily the ABC channels (ESPN/ABC but also non-ABC channels like TNT/NBA TV, etc., do it too). After I restart, the picture clears up and is fine until I leave the YouTube TV app. Even if I leave the app for just a second and return to it, it’ll be blurry again and require another restart. It almost seems like upscaling comes and goes? I know the ABC networks broadcast in 720p, but that doesn’t explain why it’s sometimes clear and sometimes not (720p shouldn't be this pixelated). A few additional details

  • I have very good internet, and I purchased a USB Ethernet dongle for a wired connection (getting around 85 Mbps using a device recommended by Roku’s support site)

  • I have tried a factory reset.

  • I have removed and re-added the app.

  • TV is a little older, Samsung circa 2016-17ish.

  • I had a Chromecast with Google tv previously and never saw anything like this (nor did I have this issue with regular cable before that).

  • I have no quality issues with any other apps, including regular YouTube.

  • All apps are up to date.

  • I’ve googled this a bunch and have not seen anyone else with a similar issue.

  • I have a streaming stick 4k in another room and have not noticed this issue (possibly because those actually turn off with the tv, so they're restarting every time

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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